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Dedanist Society fixtures calendar for the 2023-24 season.  


Fixtures Secretary: Chris Marguerie, (, 07775904895) 


Guy Egerton-Smith has now stepped down as Dedanist fixture secretary; with his support I have taken over these duties. I am very grateful to him and the committee for their support and advice.  The Society is in Guy’s debt for his work over the last many years. 

Please find the dates for next seasons fixtures below; the Paris weekend match will hopefully be in late January to early February and will be confirmed shortly.  


There has been the resurrection of the Seacourt fixture; thanks to Paul Weaver.  


The Jesmond Dene match has changed from the autumn to the spring and is now a weekend fixture, which will include a dinner on the Saturday. The Dedanists will play against Jesmond Dene and another club, who will be invited by Jesmond  



We are also moving the Cambridge/Prested weekend from June to April 27/28 2024. 


The matches against school teams have been dropped. 


The season opens with the Warwickshire weekend and will finish with Oxford and Brigands weekend in early July. Nick Browne and I will look at these dates, the support for this weekend and meal were down from pre-Covid levels. 


The list of match managers is given below. We are looking for match managers for a few of the fixtures. David Phillips may approach you.  It's a great way to contribute to the society. 


The majority of the matches will be close to the date from last season.  Some have changed by a week or two so please check the dates. 


The AGM will be held by Zoom on the 18th of October 2023. 


The peripatetic doubles organised by the Brigands will be held on 30/09/2023 at Hardwick.  It is a handicap doubles for 12 pairs; one or two from each of the peripatetic/evening/touring clubs.  I will send out an invite in August. The range of handicaps is 30-60. We may be able to offer more than one pair. 


If there are matches or weekends you particularly like the look of please contact the match manager. 


The format is generally doubles and the hospitality from the various clubs makes for a great day. The contribution to the Dedanist Society is unchanged and collected by John McVittie using GoCardless.  The post of Dedanist treasurer may change during this year 


May I ask the match managers to send photographs and a brief summary of the days' action to Tory Wall (, who will post the results on the Dedanist website. 

To view the NEW Fixture List for 2023/24 please click on this Word Button

To play in a match please contact the relevant match manager.

FINAL Dedanist MM contact details.jpg

Match Reports......

The Warwickshire Weekend 2nd and 3rd September 2023

As in recent years our season starts with the first weekend of September in Warwickshire; Leamington on Saturday and Moreton Morrell on Sunday. This year thirteen enthusiastic Dedanist’s gathered to play and brought with them a frisson of excitement. Over the two days there were eleven rubbers, 9 doubles and 2 singles being played between the two courts.

We were warmly welcomed by the pros and rubbers were marked by Chris Aley (LTCC) and Lloyd Pettiford (MMTCC). Lunch intervals were taken; at Leamington where we enjoyed Katsu chicken curry followed by an apple crumble and at Moreton, Salmon followed by spotted Dick. The size and the wholesome nature of the desserts may have contributed to the results, as maybe did the wine! But before the results a few comments and photographs.

Match 1 The day started well with an intense and close doubles match between David Phillips and Giles Stogdon against Kanan Nithi and Roy Rogers. Fortunately, both Dedanists came good at varying times to bring home our first victory of the season. Surprise and smiles abounded.

DP 1.jpg
DP 2.jpg

Match 3 Giles Stogdon and Dr Chris Marguerie just lost the first set 5:6 but Simon Martle, ex racquet player, on multiple occasions effectively volleyed the ball and Nick Jamieson normally playing off HC 28 played wrong handed HC 61.  Nick just got better and better demonstrating that even when playing with your less dominant side timing the softer, well positioned ball can be devastating.  Leamington took the next set 2:6. 

Match 4 Inset 1. On the left our old warrior Dr Alastair Robson, poised and possibly over stating the racquet back position.  On the right Charles Heaton either keeping his eye on the ball or just admiring his serve.

DP 3.png
DP 4.png

Nick Jamieson (far left inset 2) contributed to our downfall again by position and fine touch play.  Next year he will be confined to only one game if I have anything to do with it!  

DP 5.png

Match 5 Our redoubtable Derek Williams took on the ever competitive and enthusiastic Paul Brennan.  This was probably the match of the first day.  It was not for the faint hearted. Power play was evident from the off with some super retrievals.  A little more cut might have shortened the rests but then we would not have had so much fun. The smiles on both players faces says it all. Both men played very well but Paul sneaked though in the third set using, by his standards, a considerable measure of subtlety which afterwards he admitted was the product of a recent string of lessons from the Leamington pros.  An advert for the benefits of lessons in this, one of the most complicated of sports.

Picture right afterwards.  The smiling faces of the victor on the left and the flush face of the magnanimous in defeat Derek Williams on the right.  I am sure smiling is good for the soul.

DP 6.jpg


Moreton Morrell

DP 7.jpg

Match 3 The lowest handicapper for our side was Steven Bishop playing in his first rubber for the Dedanists.  It was clear from the onset that he was carrying an injury which as time passed caused many in the Dedans to wince. Despite the impediment he played valiantly with some quality tennis to gain 3 games over the canny Jerry Slora playing off 46, once a 29 handicapper.  After one set Steven rightly came off court and our ever energetic and exuberant Derek Williams downed his drink in the bar to enter the breech.   Derek, receiving some useful handicap, was challenged by Gerry who on his home court stretched Derek from side to side with punishing length which in the end proved too much. Beware of a man who holds his racquet in one hand with a big smile.  He is likely to be on form!

Match 5 The match manager played his wild card.  Two female academics one playing wrong handed; that should do the trick.  Before the match Prof Liz Leach had Tony Branfield firmly in her sights but he was not falling for any of her psychological manipulations. Little did the Moreton lowest handicap pairing know what was to happen. Liz confuddled the opposition using her declared wrong hand handicap and combined this with good court craft. Then who else would you want on court but the determined Candida Nicholls.  Well Candida told me afterwards she has lost some strength but that was not at all evident as she raced around the court hitting the ball cleanly with at times significant accuracy and power.   We thank the ladies for our only victory on Sunday.

DP 8.jpg

Results –

Leamington - Saturday 2nd September

  1. David Phillips and Giles Stogdon v Kanan Nithi and Roy Rogers 6:4 6:5 W

  2. Derek Williams and Tony Branfield v Kanan Nithi and Paul Brennan 3:6 4:6 L

  3. Giles Stogdon and Chris Marguerie v Nick Jamieson (WH) and Simon Martle 5:6 2:6 L

  4. Alastair Robson and Charles Heaton v Nick Jamieson (WH) and Roy Rogers 3:6 1:6 L

  5. Derek Williams v Paul Brennan 5:6 6:3 0:3 L

Dedanists 1 Leamington 4

Moreton Morrell – Sunday 3rd September

1. Chris Marguerie and John Yarnall v Bernie Spratt and Simon Eastwood 4:6 6:5 5:6 L

2. David Phillips and Giles Stogdon v Derek Williams and Paul Smith 4:6 4:6 L

3a Steven Bishop v Gerry Slora 1st Set 3:6 (Steven withdrew owing to injury)

3b Derek Williams v Gerry Slora 2nd Set 3:6 L

4. Mark Savage and Peter Mason v George Kruszynskjy and John Franklin 2:6 6:4 4:6 L

5. Liz Leach (WH) and Candida Nicholls v Peter Lewis and Tony Branfield 6:4 1:6 6:5 W

6. Charles Heaton and Giles Stogdon v David Aldwincle and Peter Wilson 5:6 5:6 L

 Dedanists 1 Moreton Morrell 5

DP 9.jpg

I feel this picture says it all. 
Taken after lunch on the Sunday where smiles abounded. Optimism springs eternal and Real Tennis once again delivered joy to all …...possibly a little too much joy on the opposition side!

I look forward to seeing you next year.

David Phillips M.M.

The Dedanists Pro-Am 
5th July 2023, Queen's Club

We held the 17th annual Dedanists Handicap Doubles Pro Am on 5th July 2023 at Queen’s.  It was a great success and raised funds to be shared by the Dedanists’ Society and the Dedanists’ Foundation.  The Society runs the British Real Tennis Academy for the best young players in the country.  The Foundation funds clubs to recruit new young players and schools into the game 

Sixteen amateur players, mainly Dedanists, paid £550 each to play and donate.  With handicaps ranging from 23 to 65, they were representative of the amateur game as a whole.  They each played three round-robin matches against amateurs of similar handicap for a place in the semi-finals  -  and played with four or more different professionals in the process. 

We are especially grateful to the pros for playing in this tournament.  Their very presence persuades amateurs to enter and donate.  They moderate their play to bring out the best in amateur partners and opponents.  They entertain us with the quality of their play and banter.  They encourage us with gems of good advice.  It’s great fun to be on court with them. 

The players were as follows: 

Professionals                                       Amateurs 

Cawston, Ben                                                        Compton-Burnett, Richard  

Fahey, Rob                                                             Marguerie, Chris 

Jones, Dan                                                             Cripps, Simon

Lyons, Andrew                                                      McVittie, John 

Sayers, Bryn                                                          Friend, Tony

Smith, Josh                                                             Mills, David

Taylor-Matthews, Ben                                          Hawkey, Ian 

Williams, Lewis                                                     O'Shea, Colm
                                                                                Readman, Luke 

                                                                                Licudi, Stewart 

                                                                                Llewelyn-Jones, Michael

                                                                                Saunders, John

                                                                                Lowenthal, Andrew 

                                                                                Stevenson, Mark

                                                                                Marks, Graham                                                                                                                                          Wilks, Willie                     


Markers:  Howard Angus & Neil Mackenzie 

Stewart Licudi, Willie Wilks, Johnny Saunders and Giles Michael Llewelyn-Jones won through to the semi-finals.  Howard Angus reported that the standard of tennis in this year’s tournament was as high as ever.  Michael Llewelyn-Jones beat Johnny Saunders in the final.  At dinner, Josh highlighted the special achievements during this season of the British Academy and the Dedanists’ Foundation.  David Mills, chairman of the Foundation, awarded the trophy and prizes with his own blend of sharp wit and racy humour. 

Thank you to Josh, Carl and David for organising such a splendid day. 

Round 1 - Fahey, Marks, Marguerie, Hawkey, Llewelyn-Jones, Williams.jpg
Round 1 - Compton-Burnett, Licudi, Fahey, Williams.jpg
Above Left: Round 1, Hawkes, Fahey, Marguerie, Llewellyn-Jones, Williams & Marks
Above Right: Round 1, Compton-Burnett, Lidudi, Williams & Fahey
Right: The Final, Llewelyn-Jones, Taylor-Matthews, Saunders & Fahey
The Final - Llewellyn-Jones, Saunders, Fahey, Taylor-Matthews.jpg

The LRTA v The Dedanists - 17th June at Hardwick House


A perfect lunch courtesy of the wonderful Pam Tomalin who thoughtfully provided a special blend of Bloody Mary to start with which Anton thought was tomato juice. He played first and did very well indeed as he and Sebastian Wood were the only winners.

Tim Tomalin played for the LRTA, and we didn’t mind, even though he was a member of the Deds as well. To be fair, he is a member of the LRTA. I was delighted to see Alex Garside, she and Andrew Lowenthal raised the level of play considerably in a keenly contested encounter.  

Josh Farrall our newly elevated honorary. President joined us for lunch, and everyone was very pleased to see him.

It was also good to meet Chris Hancock a newish member from Oxford and his delightful wife, Susie.

Thank you too to the fragrant Sarah McGivern for her spot on marking. 

It was a wonderful day at Hardwick House, and thank you to the Tomalins in particular for such a wonderful day at Hardwick House.

Match Report by Carl Snitcher

Dedanists' v Jesters held at Queen's
26th May 2023

Conviviality is the key to the success of this match, now in the second year of its revived form. Of the 23 participants, 17 were Dedanists, so even if we'd lost there would've been no hard feelings. In the event, we won 4-1 with one match evenly shared.


First to start were John Whiting and Bruce Hogarth-Jones who teamed up well to beat Tony Friend and James Crane 6-3, 6-4. Then this writer and Anton Eisdell, playing for the Jesters, lost to Simon Cripps and Ian Harris by the same margin. John Harrington and Richard Vallat followed by winning their first set convincingly 6-2 against the very able Izzy Duncan and Nick Chrimes, but going down 3-6 in the second set to score a draw. Next up were Peter Dean and Yuri Kugler whose very close encounter with Simon Mansfield and Alexandra Bryant ended in the Dedanists' favour at 6-5, 6-5. Johnny Saunders and Oliver Wise then came through with some fine, fast tennis to overcome Michael O'Dwyer and Nick Abelson 6-2, 6-3. Then the final match saw Alex Brodie and Andy Keeley (Scottish champion, handicap 23) overwhelm Richard Vallat and Yuri Kugler 6-3 in the first set, and 6-2 in the second (when Ronald Paterson took over from Yuri) with a blistering display of speed, power and volleying,


We are very fortunate to play the Jesters match at Queen's - and we have Tony Friend to thank for making that happen, as well as the buffet dinner that followed, which was excellent and much enjoyed by all. Next year's match has already been fixed with Queen's for Friday, May 24, 2024.


Martin Village

Ronald Paterson Richard Vallat Andy Keeley Alex Brodie.jpg
Ronald Paterson, Richard Vallat, Andy Keeley & Alex Brodie

The Dedanists’ Society

Report on the Special General Meeting, Annual Tournament & Dinner

held on 10th May 2023 at Queen’s

The Dedanists’ Society held a special general meeting (SGM) of members and its annual tennis tournament and dinner at the Queen’s Club on Wednesday 10 May 2023. The tournament started at noon. It was followed by the SGM whose main purpose was to elect a new chairman and a new president. The day concluded with dinner and the presentation of prizes.


The tournament for the Lowenthal Trophy was a handicap doubles competition for 16 pairs with individual handicaps in the range 32 to 72. Doubles pairs played three round-robin league matches of 25 minutes each to qualify for knockout semi finals and the final. Scheduling was tight. Two pairs were penalised for lateness. Game-to-game sliding handicaps made the tennis more competitive, moderated the impact of inaccurate handicaps, helped those who were losing to recover, and nipped complacency in the bud among those who were winning. The finalists were from across the handicap range.

Note: The trophy is named after Laurie Lowenthal, a founder member of the Dedanists & its first treasurer.













The tournament for the Lowenthal Trophy was a handicap doubles competition for 16 pairs with individual handicaps in the range 32 to 72

Tournament Results

The Final

Kim Walker & Anton Eisdell beat Bruce Hogarth-Jones & John McVittie 4 - 3

Kim and Anton played consistently well throughout the day.

At 3 all / 40 all, Anton served an ace to win the final. 

Semi-Finalists / League Winners

Kim Walker & Anton Eisdell beat David Phillips & Giles Stogdon 4 - 3

Bruce Hogarth-Jones & John McVittie beat Mark Heffernan & Stephen Bishop 4 – 3




Thirty-four members attended this special general meeting. They voted on five resolutions which were all carried unanimously. These five resolutions were:

(i) Elect Chris Marguerie to the committee.

- proposed by David Phillips, seconded by Simon Mansfield.

(ii) Create the new role of honorary president and change the Society’s rules and regulations accordingly.

- proposed by Simon Mansfield, seconded by Ian Hawkey.

(iii) Elect Josh Farrall as the first honorary president.

- proposed by James Barlow, seconded by Jonathan Ellis-Miller.

(iv) Elect Simon Roundell as the new chairman.

- proposed by Johnny Saunders, seconded by Giles Stogdon.

(v) Elect Claire Fahey as an honorary life member.

- proposed by Simon Randall, seconded by Candida Nicholls.

Graham Tomkinson led the succession planning that resulted in the election of our new chairman and new president. He gave an account to members of the process and criteria used.

The new chairman, Simon Roundell, said what a special pleasure it was to take on this role. The Society is in excellent shape and does so much for real tennis. Simon made a point of thanking Josh for his massive contribution and leadership as chairman for twenty years. The committee will decide in due course how best to recognise this extraordinary achievement.




Thirty four Dedanists attended the dinner. Josh Farrall presided and presented the prizes. Carl Snitcher moderated.


The tournament prizes presented at the dinner were designed to reflect as wide a range of human endeavour as possible:

Lowenthal Trophy Winners

Kim Walker & Anton Eisdell


Bruce Hogarth-Jones & John McVittie

Best Shot

Anton Eisdell

Pipped at the Post (a Carl Snitcher award)

This is an award for those who most strikingly pluck defeat from the jaws of victory.

Martin Village & Michael Llewelyn-Jones won it by a country mile. They missed their first match, still won through to the semi-final, couldn’t believe it, failed to turn up and lost their semi by default.

Best Losers

Candida Nicholls & John Whiting

Andrew Lowenthal & Johnny Saunders

Both pairs failed to win a single match - but, they said, what a great learning experience!


Thank you to Queen’s for allowing us to use both courts. Thank you to the markers, Bryn Sayers and Neil Mackenzie, who kept to schedule, applied the sliding handicap with rigour and did a splendid job.

Thank you to the 32 members who played in the tournament and the 34 who attended the SGM.

Thank you to Ian Hawkey for the photographs which give such a good feel for what happened on the day.

Thank you to Carl and Josh for organising the day.

Simon Roundell is elected as our new Chairman.
Josh Farrall presided & presented the prizes.

 Lowenthal/ Saunders 

 Oliphant Coley/ Roundell

 Hogarth Jones /MvVittie /Bishop/Heffernan






Hogarth Jones /Mcvittie


IHarris/ Richardson

 Mcvittie /Saunders 

Blake   /Vigrass


Hyde and Canford Weekend
18-19 March


We had a most enjoyable weekend in the West Country. Our match manager David Phillips was required to taste wedding fare and couldn’t be with us sadly. His organisation was flawless and deeply appreciated. 

Against Hyde Michael Llwellen-Jones crushed his opposition Nigel S-C 6:2, 6:2; using his side wall boasts to devastating effect.  Chris Marguerie and Charles Heaton lost narrowly on the last point, 4:6, 6:4, 5:6 against James Wilson and Stephen Heather. Giles Stogdon and Bruce Hogarth-Jones beat Tom Hayward and Oscar Newall after losing the first set 1:6, by 6:3 and 6:5. Michael and Bruce beat Stephen H and Nigel S-C by 6:3 and 6:5. Charles Heaton lost to Chris Newall 2:6 and 4:6 in a closely fought game with many 40 alls. Giles sealed victory for the tourists by beating Richard Budington 6:3, 6:3. A splendid lunch was provided by John Pearson and his wife. We are grateful to Jez the Hyde pro who marked the match.


We celebrated victory at the Cote Brasserie in Dorchester.


Canford hosted us on the Sunday. Many thanks to James Ryan for reorganising the fixture when we made a late change in our line up; as sadly Yuri could not play. Also thanks to Vaughan Hamilton, a Dedanist-sponsored junior pro, for marking all of the matches. We got off to a strong start Michael L-J beat Andy Clark 6:0, 6:3. Michael and Bruce H-J then beat Jeremy Channon and Phillip Cheswell 6:3, 6:5. CM and Giles Stogdon could not overcome the handicap difference against the previous pair and lost 2:6, 0:6, many 40 all matches however. After lunch 2 further doubles matches were lost CM and Bruce H-J and CM and SH. A well-deserved win for Canford 4 matches to 2.


Many thanks to Canford School caters for a very good buffet lunch.

Hyde Canford 3_edited.jpg
Hyde Canford 1_edited.jpg
hyde canford 4_edited.jpg
Hyde Canford 2_edited.jpg

Petworth House Tennis Court v Dedanists
26 March 2023

PHTC entertained a team of Dedanists some of whom were also Petworth members in a very enjoyable match, eventually won by Petworth 4-2.

Ian Harris won both his matches, partnered first by Kim Walker and later by Chris Marguerie, who subsequently joined forces, unsuccessfully!  Earlier match manager, Robert Muir, and Julian Wilkinson lost a close doubles match, and there were also defeats for Tom Carew- Hunt and Christopher Swan ( guesting for the Dedanists) and Petworth Dedanists David Bevan-Thomas and David Fortune. All matches were well contested and played in excellent spirit.

Everyone enjoyed the historic court at Petworth and some excellent marking by Louis Gordon.

Petworth March 1.jpg
Petworth 3.jpg

Dedanists v Hatfield
Hatfield, Saturday, 11th March

  • Nick Brodie lost to Martin Richards 6/3 3/6 4/6

  • Yuri Kugler bt David Wood 5/6 6/3 6/4

  • Josh Farrall & Richard Wyse lost to Peter Joy & Robin Aley 1/6 1/6

  • Christie Marrian & Bruce Hogarth-Jones bt David Wood & Catherine Walker (playing for HHTC) 1/6 6/1 6/4

  • John Tacchi bt Richard Sutcliffe 3/0 ret.


Dedanists win 3/2.
Much fun was had by all!

Brodie 2.jpg

Dedanists' v The Oratory
The Oratory, Saturday, 18th February 2023

The results were:-

11.00     C Davies/R Fahey v K Walker/I Hawkey: Dedanist win: 5/6, 6/4. 5/6

12.30     M McNair/M Candlish v W Wilks/J Sheraton-Davis: Dedanist win 2/6, 0/6

14.00     R Boughton/O Rae v  C Hancock/L Sheraton-Davis: Oratory win 6/5, 6/2, 5/6

15.30     J Jones/D Hirsch v K Weston/S McGivern: Oratory win 6/5, 6/3


So it was an honourable draw.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we had some good tennis to watch.  Olly Rae who partnered Richard Boughton in the 2pm match is head boy at the Oratory and he played some beautiful tennis.  Rob Fahey marked all day – and played a very good pros game in the first match of the day with his non-dominant hand.  You really wouldn’t have known that it was not his World Championship arm, but the Dedanists did squeak through with a win in that game.

Katy Weston

Dedanists' v Queen's Club
Friday 3rd March 2023

Seven pairs took to the court in a fun evening on court at Queens with some good and close matches.

The dinner after was also a most enjoyable start to the weekend and a tremendous £400 was raised for the Society.

Nick Browne

Match Results

Queen's v Dedanists.jpg

Dedanists v Hurlingham Pigeons  Wellington, Sunday 26th February

Ten Dedanists took on eight Hurlingham Pigeons, but not all at once. Fate had contrived to deny two pigeons the joy of participating in what was a splendid day on and off court.

We were delighted to have two new Dedanists, Trudi and Ian Machin, playing in their first match for the Club and they acquitted themselves very well. It was a first, too, for Chris Hancock making his debut on the Wellington court.

Simon Talbot-Williams provided a running commentary on his match and everyone else’s.


The contribution of Catherine, David, J E-M, Peter, Charles and Chris M was much appreciated.

Wellington provided an excellent lunch.

For the record the matches were as follows:

James McDermott & Trudi Machin v Ian Machin & Dominic Higham 4/6, 5/3

David Enticknap & Catherine Walker v Simon T-W & Chris Hopton 6/5, 2/4

Trudi Machin & Peter Dean v Donald Carse & Barbara Carse 6/3, 5/3

Jonathan Ellis-Miller & Chris Hancock v Paul Spraggs & Donald Carse 6/0, 6/2, 5/5

Charles Oliphant-Callum & Chris Marguerie v Barbara Carse & Dominic Higham 6/2, 2/6

I have not studied the mathematics of these results but it was judged by all to be an honourable draw, which means that the true winner is our beautiful game of tennis.

James McDermott

Ds v Ps, Wellington 26th February 1.jpg

Dedanists' v Hurlingham Pigeons

Ds v Ps, Wellington 26th February 2.jpg
Ds v Ps, Wellington 26th February 3.jpg

18-19 February 2023

Paris photo.jpg

‘The result should not be thought more important than the enjoyment of the players’

Seven Dedanists travelled to the Société Sportive du Paume et de Racquets in Paris this year for our first fixture there since January 2019. It was a delight to be on the court at rue Lauriston once again. Rod McNaughtan ably arranged and marked a Saturday of mostly doubles for us against Paris members: by lunchtime the score-line of 4–0 to Paris was a trifle disconcerting, but this was as nothing compared to when the final result was declared: an 8–0 whitewash by Paris. Here is ‘the reckoning’ (Paris members first; all matches were of one 10-game set):


Thibault v Llewelyn-Jones 10–4

De Villpion / Marguet v Robson / Marguerie 10–4

Foley / Chapellier v Rivlin/ Squiers 10–3

Casler / Rafray v McVittie / Readman 10–9

Guerout / Fontain v Rivlin / Squiers 10–1

Mariani / Charton v Robson / Marguerie 10–6

Boulter / Huynh v McVittie / Readman 10–9

Holmberg v Llewelyn-Jones 10–6

Dinner on the Saturday evening was a more subdued occasion this year compared to 2019 (when virtually the whole Paris contingent and spouses etc came too), with just the Paris Club’s President, Bill Holmberg, joining us.

Sunday morning’s ‘mini-tournament’ was depleted somewhat by minor injuries after Saturday’s exertions; five Dedanists played a mixture of singles and doubles. The bottle of champagne for the highest number of winning openings hit during the course of the morning was awarded to Michael Llewelyn-Jones for his 9 hits to the dedans.

Time then allowed for a visit to Brasserie Terminus Nord opposite the Gare du Nord for some oysters and a glass or three of chablis before boarding an early evening Eurostar for the safety of the white cliffs of Dover and home.

It’s still one of the best fixtures in the Dedanists’ calendar; sign up next year!


Alastair Robson

Dedanists v MURTC
1th December 2022

Ten of the twelve participants in this match were Dedanists, and although we lost to the Middlesex team, in a broader and more generous sense we shared in their victory. It was anyway by no means a whitewash. There were two matches of singles and two of doubles and the score line was three games to one in MURTC's favour. All of us had our moments which were collectively and duly rewarded with an outstanding lunch (delivered by Dedanists Catherine Hudson and John Harrington) involving a variety of the poshest pies anyone could remember eating. The scoreboard looked like this:


MCC v The Dedanists
Saturday 4th of February 2023 at Lords


MCC hosted the Dedanists for a popular and much-enjoyed fixture in early February.

Notably, 18 out of the 20 players were Dedanists and all contributed funds raising £360 for the Society.


Carl Snitcher 

MCC first

Deds owe half 15

10 am Robert Rhodes 68/Peter Brunner 62 v Paul Rivlin 64/ Jon Fistien 53 (6-3,6-4) MCC win

Deds owe 15

11.15 Catherine Walker 47/ Giles Stogdon 59 v Christie Marrian 43/ Yuri Kugler 49 (4-6,1-6) Deds win


Lunch 12.45pm

MCC owe 15 Seb Wood 60 /John Thirlwell 71 v James McDermott 79/ Chris Marguiere 64 (6-2,5-6, 6-4) MCC win


2.45 pm Ronald Paterson 39/Roger Pilgrim v Andrew Lowenthal 33/ Stuart Kerr 43 (6-5.6-4) MCC win


4 pm John Farrall / Carl Snitcher v Martin Village 62 / Johnny Saunders (this was a friendly rubber and not part of the official match).

The Dedanists were due to have an away match at MRTC over the weekend of 4th/5th March. In the usual way I circulated the membership and due to a poor response (2 positives only ) I have agreed to cancel the fixture having had prior discussion with MRTC. 


Guy Egerton-Smith

Dedanists Fixtures Secretary


7th JANUARY 2023

By: John McVittie

Match Result: Hardwick 1 Dedanists 3

Last year we came second with Hardwick winning 3-2. So we were out for revenge. The weather was terrible with constant rain (but read on........)

The first match Sebastian Lyon and Paul Cattermull started slowly but speeded up when the excellent marker (Peter Mawson – a fellow Dedanists) asked that all players take their dark tops off and play in all white. A number of good chases were forged but the Dedanists prevailed winning the first set 6-2 and the second 6-3 despite the best efforts of Michael Seymour and Robin Fountain.

The second match featured Paul again as Derek Williams woke up on the morning of the match with a sore knee. Thank you Paul! Yuri and Paul lost the first set 3-6 and while valiant efforts were made – including both players going for the same ball (calling, anyone....). Ian Whittaker, the match manager for Hardwick knows the court like the back of his hand and ably aided by Mike Brooksbank won the second set, and the match, 3-6.

The third match featured your truly and Michael Llewelyn-Jones. Michael said that we should force against the higher handicap players and this strategy was adopted and proved successful, the Dedanists winning 6-1, 6-5.

After the usual excellent lunch the fourth match started but towards the end of the first set it was decided that the court was sweating too much so play was abandoned and the match counted as a draw. Bad luck on Martin Harris and Jonathan Ellis-Miller.

The last match was moved to the Oratory where, marked by Ian, the Dedanists ladies prevailed in a close three set match, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3.

End result 3-1 to the Dedanists with one match abandoned.




Sebastian Lyon Michael Seymour 6/2, 6/3

Paul Cattermull Robin Fountain


Yuri Kugler Ian Whittaker 3/6, 3/6

Paul Cattermull Mike Brooksbank


John McVittie Rebecca Kashti 6/1, 6/5

Michael Llewelyn-Jones Tim Tomalin


Jonathan Ellis-Miller Pam Tomalin Match Abandoned

Martin Harris Fiona Fountain


Jenny Jones Chantelle Harding 6/3, 3/6, 6/3

Kim Walker Sarah Whittaker

Trois Tripot (+1) 2022

Dedanists Match Report from Rodger Davis

A reduced squad of five Dedanists, Tony Cooke, Simon Martin, Kim Walker, Ian Wimbush and I travelled to SW France to play in the Trois Tripot +1. Sadly, Jonathan Ellis-Miller sustained a back injury a couple of weeks prior to the tournament and withdrew. Good news is Jonathan has recovered and is back on court.


The usual biannual tournament was delayed by a year due to Covid so, unsurprisingly there was significant interest which contributed to the use of four courts, hence TT+1, this year. Previously used courts were; Bayonne, La Bastide-Clairence and Urrugne the fourth ‘new’ court being Bidarray.





Above: The team at Bidarray. Thank you Kim

Right: The Bidarray Court – Tony serving



There was no match for us on the first day, 13th October, so many thanks indeed to the two Simon’s, ours and Berry (of the TT committee), for arranging a two hour slot for us at Pau. Unfortunately, Kim could not play as she and husband Tim had taken the opportunity for a very special lunch in San Sebastian, shame, but no blame, on them!






Above: Trinquet at Pau

Right: Kim and Tim


Our first tasks on arrival were to collect the court key, wait for the end of a game of Trinquet and then, to install the net. The four boys had two fun hours and a good lunch. The very good news is that there are plans in hand that could return the court to an exclusive Jeu de Paume within the next 3 years or so, a potentially great achievement after 75+ years. It will be a great asset for the game.


To the competition. The Dedanists were drawn in a Round Robin group of seven teams from Jesmond Dene, Manchester, Oxford, Petworth, Prested and Queens. I’m delighted to confirm that we improved, significantly of course(!), on the 2019 result by winning 3-1 against Manchester in Urrugne and drawing with but losing to Prested Bleu by 1 game on countback in Bayonne. If only Simon and I had lost our match 6-3 rather than 6-1!


The overall result was that we valiantly propped up our Round Robin and were drawn to play Newmarket in the plate semi-final on the final day. We lost 1-3 but on the plus side there was a great 6-1 win for Tony and Kim. Well done them.


RT on Trinquet courts was a personal ‘leftie’ education. The low, narrow and shallow pitched, penthouses could make a low struck side wall serve from around hazard second very tricky to receive, the ball coming off low and quickly to often uneven surfaces at the back wall. I’ve been working assiduously on my backhand return of serve since the shaming!


We all agreed, I believe, that Urrugne was the most ‘friendly’ competition court for RT players, luckily we played on it three times achieving the Manchester win there.














Above: Fixing the net at Urrugne

Right: Plate semi-final, Urrugne


Overall our most successful player in terms of average games won/match was Ian closely followed by Tony and Kim. Well done them - and to Simon and me of course! Ian and Tony, keen rugby supporters celebrated appropriately at the finals dinner apart from boosting Guinness sales in Bayonne.












Above: Last night dinner, Chateau d’Arcangues - Ian & Tony


Dinner on the final night was at Chateau D’Arcangues, close to Bayonne. Pre-dinner drinks and canapes were very welcome, followed by a very good dinner. Putting ringer thoughts aside (!!) congratulations to the overall tournament winners, Petworth.


We all had a great time, thank you team, and Tim, for your support. I would encourage Dedanists to join in next time around. It’s great fun and would be great to have two teams there.


Finally thank you so much to the three Simons, the tournament organisers - Simon Mansfield, Simon Berry and Simon Marshall. Also, to all the markers who did a great job – it can be quite difficult to follow the ball on a Trinquet court, apart from the different markings, galleries, on different courts, etc!

F. Urrugne-PlateSemi-Simon,Rodger.jpg
G. Ian,Tony-Dinner.jpg

Dedanists v Holyport

Holyport - Wednesday 14th December 2022


We had an enjoyably chilly morning/afternoon mid week doubles match at Holyport, who won 4-1. The court was freezing cold, and all who played made sure that they were properly attired. Holyport put up a strong team and home advantage won the day. Holyport player names first below.


Ben Hobkinson & Gary Russell beat Guy Egerton-Smith & Giles Stogdon - 6/1 6/3

George Fowler & Renaud Besnard beat Simon Martin & Andy Bishop - 6/4 6/3

Conor O’Shea & Martin Tate beat Kim Walker & Giles Stogdon - 6/4 4/6 6/5

George Fowler & Renaud Besnard beat Vaughan Williams & Andy Bishop - 6/1 6/5

Alan Everett & Mark Piper lost to Candida Nicholls & John McVittie - 3/6 6/1 4/6

P.S John for Gocardless collections

Guy Egerton-Smith
Match Manager

Dedanists’ Society v Wellington
WRTC Sunday, 4th December 2022

The Dedanists’ Society team thoroughly enjoyed their day at Wellington. We played 5 sets of competitive doubles matches which ended with 2 wins a piece with one match drawn. See below. As usual WRTC laid on an excellent luncheon with both teams participating as per the photo. We very much look forward to our 2023 pre-Christmas match.

9.30    Peter Dean 50 & Michael Llewelyn-Jones 47.7  v  Ian Machin 68.8 & Trudi Machin 58.4 Won 6/3 6/2


10.30  Guy E-S 61.6 & Kim Walker 66.3  v  James McDermott 80.7 & Alex Thomas 83.8 Lost 0/6 3/6 - Set 1 ignored

11.30   David Enticknap 45.2 & Catherine Walker 49.6  v  Simon Roundell 28.8 & Graeme Marks 48.5 Won 6/2 6/2

12.30   Lunch

1.00     Michael L-J 47.7 & Peter Dean 50.0  v  Ian Machin 68.8 & Giles Stogdon 60.2 Lost 1/6 1/6

2.00     Chris Marguerie 59 & Jonathan Ellis-Miller 55.1  v  Charles O-C 69.7 & Rosie Monk 61.1 Draw 3/6 6/5

dedanist 2022.jpg

A well deserved mid-match lunch, at Wellington RTC.

Dedanists v Manchester
RTC Sunday 13th November 2022


On Saturday 12th November MCC welcomed Manchester RTC to Lord’s which MCC won 5-0. Very much at the last minute Carl Hamill (Manchester Match Manager) agreed that it would be sensible to try and arrange a Dedanist v Manchester match for the following Sunday. Carl had spoken to RTC during the week and they kindly agreed to give us 4 morning courts on Sunday 13th November. With 4 players per team an excellent series of 4 matches duly took place, with the results below, which in effect ended with a win apiece for Manchester & The Dedanists and 2 drawn matches. Time constraints restricted us to 4x2 set matches.


Guy Egerton-Smith

Dedanists Match Manager 


Match Results

Carl Hamill 53 & Martin Farnworth 66 v Guy Egerton-Smith 62 & Peter Dean 51 - Dedanists rec owe 15 love - Draw 6-3, 5-6 - 1 set all

Andy Nevett 46 & DJ Moran 54 v James Leeper 55 & Catherine Walker 44 - Level -
 Manchester won 6-3, 6-1

Carl  Hamill 53 & Andy Nevett 46 v Peter Dean 51 & Catherine Walker 44 - Level -
Draw 5-6, 6-5 - 1 set all

Martin Farnworth 66 & DJ Moran 54 v Guy Egerton-Smith 62 & James Leeper 55 - Dedanists rec owe 15 love - Dedanists won 6-0, 6-3

20th OCTOBER 2022
Reporter: Ian Harris

IMG_2602 - sun setting on Hampton Court Palace.jpg

Sun setting on Hampton Court Palace

“It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall,” said your intrepid reporter to Carl Snitcher, having braved the 3.5-mile high-pass journey from Notting to Primrose Hill in just over 35 minutes.

“There’s a bad moon on the rise,” agreed Carl, gnomically.

We arrived at a rain-soaked Hampton Court Palace in the nick of time; just as well, as your intemporal reporter was playing in the first rubber. Some might argue that our arrival was actually “worse than two”, but a more substantial discrepancy soon revealed itself; the marker’s sheet was showing a lesser handicap for the Dedanists than the sheet that James McDermott & I had been sent.

In order to avoid a major diplomatic incident, James & I acquiesced to the lesser handicap, yet still somehow contrived to win our rubber, albeit narrowly.

Your insipid reporter was involved again in the second rubber, albeit only for the last two sets, as Carl chose to “play his joker”. Tony Friend and I managed to take the matter to a third set before succumbing to the might of Simon Cripps & Richard East – arguably also a Dedanists pair but playing for the Hamsters on this occasion.

The third rubber also saw your decrepit reporter in the action, in the marker’s chair this time, as Paul Cattermull & Graeme Marks made relatively light work of their rubber, albeit with Robert Frost playing in his “Arch” leftie capacity.

On finally staggering away from the court, your incognizant reporter picked up a message that the Prime Minister had resigned. “That’s the second Liz whose expiration has been announced while I was on the real tennis court in the space of six weeks”, I mused, having been informed of the late Queen’s demise by Tony Friend while I was on the Lord’s court.

I thought I might be the tidings-bringer this time, only to discover that most of the group had learnt the demise of Liz Truss some 45 minutes earlier.

Anyway, this was no time to ponder the fate of shambolic politicians – it was time to tuck into the pies before they too were to become a footnote in history. A positive footnote in the case of the pies of course – once again a delicious choice of

· Chicken Ham & Leek;

· Steak & Ale.

Bread and cheese (yes please) and two species of yummy desserts that self-discipline allowed me to avoid, along with the jolly wines on offer.

Thus your temperate reporter just about made it back to the dedans in time for the dénouement of a match between Yarnall & Banks (Hamsters) and Stogdon & Philips (Dedanists) which went down to the deciding game of the deciding set, only to land in the Hamsters favour and leave the match tantalisingly poised at 2-2.

Your incorrigible reporter also marked the deciding rubber, in which Yuri Kugler & Christie Marrian defeated Charlie Kearl & Simon Cripps to settle the match 3-2 to the Dedanists. To be fair on the Hamsters, Simon was playing a second rubber as alternate and match-manager Charlie had been acting as chef and waiter for the magnificent lunch.

The Dedanists’ Society won this match in more ways than one, of course. Once again, those warm-hearted Hamsters chipped in with generous donations to add to the Dedanists’ contributions. Thus we raised £380 from the fixture this year.

There’s no better way to lift the spirits on a gloomy, worrisome day than a day of pastance with Dedanists and Hamsters. Symbolically, as the nation’s political shenanigans moved on to its new phase, the heavy clouds and rain of the morning had lifted to reveal a gorgeously

bright, sunny evening as we all left. Tony Friend took a few charming snaps to capture that memory, along with the earlier snaps from a couple of the matches.

“So foul and fair a day I have not seen”, said Carl, gnomically, as I dropped him home.

“Pass time with good company”, I replied.

Charlie Kearl es.jpg

Charles Kearl

Hampton Court Gardens After Rain es.jpg
Hampton Court SideView es.jpg

Hampton Court Gardens, after rain. Photos by Tony Friend

IMG_2595 - McDermott In Action es.jpg

McDermott in Action

Kearl, Cripps, Kugler & (out of shot) Marrian es.jpg

Kearl, CRIPPS, kugler 7 9out of shot), Marrian

The Results

Results From 20 October 2022 es.jpg

Dedanists v Bristol RTC @ BRTC 
Sunday 9th October 2022

We revived the Bristol fixture after a few years absence and I was pleased to take responsibility as the Match Manager and I will continue in that role.

We arrived at BRTC with a team of 7 which was reduced to 6 on the morning of the match as Robert Kilgour sadly had a family bereavement earlier in the day. I had arranged 6 matches but this was reduced to 4 completed matches as Simon Martin suffered a nasty accident in what was going to be the penultimate 5th match on court from which I am pleased to say he has recovered.


The Match result was a win for BRTC 3-1 as follows:-


      David Weston & Tony Branfield v Luke Sutor* & Chris Harland - lost 2-6, 2-6

      Simon Martin v Alfie Gilbert - won 9-3

      Guy Egerton-Smith & Katy Weston v Elliot Watkins* & Ben Brown*- lost 2-6, 4-6

      Peter Mason & Tony Branfield v Caspian Rugg* & Dan Brown - lost 2-6, 4-6

      Felix Wigzell* & Like Sutor* played in the 5th doubles for BRTC which was cancelled following Simon’s accident on court


      *above denotes the 5 young BRTC players.


It was great to have the 5 young players from BRTC against us and it was so good to hear from their parents how much their boys had enjoyed 

playing in the match and had benefited from the Dedanists programme at BRTC, under Ben Taylor-Matthews and from Paul Weaver at Queen’s.


Guy Egerton-Smith

Match Manager

Dedanists v Radley
Saturday 10th September 2022

5/6 2/6 (rec 1/2 15)

6/2 6/3 (owe 1/2 15)


JONATHAN ORDERS v John Harrington
8/1 (rec 1/2 15)


JUSTIN SNOXALL v Michael Llewellyn-Jones
8/7 (rec 1/2 15)


JONATHAN ORDERS & JUSTIN SNOXALL v John Harrington & Michael Llewellyn-Jones
8/2 (rec 1/2 15)


VICTOR TILL & CATHERINE HUDSON v Pam Tomalin & Tim Tomalin
5/6 3/6 (rec 15)


Radley won 4 - 2 


Liz Fisher was our Match Manager.

The Warwickshire weekend
3rd and 4th September 2022

The cheerful firing squad pose at Moreton.

LTCC 3rd September

Over the weekend 16 enthusiastic Dedanists gathered for the first matches in the Real Tennis Calendar starting quite rightly at the oldest Real Tennis club in the world. A family bereavement and knee injury were the only clouds that hung over what was otherwise a great weekend.  The first match started swimmingly well with John Tacchi and Charles Heaton storming ahead 3 love but then a tough handicap difference, a Virgin Pilot, Ollie Newbury and canny retired accountant, David Howells stole the show with Leamington clinching the first match 4:6/0:6.

The second started in a similar way with the M.M. and the deceptive Giles Stogdon taking the first set to love.  The next two sets were another matter with an initial strong defence from John Devis and John Edwards followed by an attack.  The M.M. wobbled with some of his returns and despite a steady performance by Giles we lost the next two sets. 6:0/5:6/5:6.

The third match was a singles classic encounter between Paul Cattermull and Matt Fattorini. The Dedans were treated to an elegant floor game which saw a good number of chases laid better than 2, many beaten. After taking the first set Paul proceeded to deliver a series of well worked serves low and hugging the back wall, followed by accurate shots which proved too much for Matt who succumbed 6:4/6:0.

Play was suspended for lunch which consisted of Paella followed by a delicious Rhubarb & strawberry crumble washed down with an Albarino in keeping with the Spanish theme.

Following lunch there was a heavy weight bruising battle between Michael Llewelyn Jones and Ian Hawkey who played against the home team Paul Brennan and Henry Bryan.  Energy and determination resulted in long rests with some super retrievals. Michael and Ian fought off several attacks producing some excellent tennis and volleys to win in 3 sets 4:6/6:1/6:4.

Chris Marguerie and Martin Village, Martin’s first time on either the LTCC or MMTCC surfaces, played a considered and steady game against the tricky Miles Buckinghamshire and Jon Davy.  After levelling up the sets at one a piece they powered up to take the second to win 4:6/6:3/6:4.   

With the Dedanists one match up with one to play the pressure was off Tony Branfield but could we claim that rare victory at LTCC? There was no doubting Tony’s efforts to claim victory for our side.  He covered large swathes of court retrieving many shots to keep him in the match.  The youthful Joel Armstrong, at least a couple of decades Tony’s junior, had all those frustrating characteristics of a good ball player, new to the Royal game, who would not give up the chase! A splendid match to watch with Tony losing respectably 4:6/3:6.

Result:  Dedanists 3 LTCC 3.


We were unable to raise enough individuals to trigger dinner at the club and hence retired to the reliable local Cote Brasserie.  Five players were fortunate enough to have the company of Julia, Martin Village’s wife which no doubt improved the tone of the repas.


MMTCC 4th September

The full team, 16 strong, presented to do battle at Moreton. Fortunately, several Dedanists’ could declare dual loyalty and hence play for the home team. Six pairs of doubles were set up with the first commencing at 9.45.  In future, I think that we should encourage starting times at 15, 30 and 40 minutes past the hour!  The trusty pairing of John Yarnall and Peter Mason took to the floor.  John should be commended on bringing his wife, Grace, to the court to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary. He clearly knows how to give a girl a good time! Spurred on by the great day John peppered the grille/tambour and Peter regained his killer underarm twist after managing back-to-back double faults.  It was a close match but there was enough to overpower John Tacchi and Peter Wilson. Coincidentally and unbeknown to me, it was poetic to learn that Peter Wilson had many years ago introduced John Tacchi to the game so it was great that they could play together. 5:6/6:3/6:3.

Up step Paul Cattermull and Julian Sheraton Davis to play Tony Branfield and the random shot generator Jon Lambdon. It was Paul and Julian’s first time on the new floor and before they could settle in Jon & Tony brought an intensity to the contest forcing little rhythm to be established.  Some back luck and unforced errors, by their high standards, meant they were under pressure.  The opposition had a bisque per set which was excellently called by Tony which resulted in frustration and almost a request for a steward’s enquiry from Paul’s quivering lips which he managed to stifle.  There was a whiff in the air of impending doom. 2:6/3:6.

For the third exchange, Ian Hawkey raced over from LTCC having popped in there for an early successful match representing Prested v Leamington consisting of 3 set warm up.  Liz arrived with Theo, a gorgeous 3 year black Labrador, who did not make a sound, presumably being hypnotized by the scent carried by several canine owners. Across the net stood Michael Llewelyn Jones, playing for Moreton, fresh from a great victory at Leamington and a rejuvenated David Prophet. After losing the first set 6:1 there was a sense of déjà vu. Ian found some extra reserves from the depths of his sturdy legs and Liz continued to brew a mixture of serves.       They put up a good fight but sadly came second 1:6/4:6.

Lunch was taken during the fourth game which was between Charles Heaton and Martin Village v Mark Savage and David Aldwincle.  This was always going to be a tough match given that Martin and Charles had never played on the court whilst Mark and David had numerous cunning successes at the club 2:6/4:6.

A score line pattern was beginning to emerge.  What could the M.M. bring to the next match to change matters ……the trusty, nimble and soft hands of Linda Sheraton Davis from R.T.C.  The problems were firstly Bruce Paxton, who had taken on the task of supervising and managing the excellent new floor at Moreton and Martin Harris an ex-South African grade level cricketer. My plan….one large glass of Mark Savages’ first-rate club claret might make the difference.  I didn’t need to persuade myself!  The match was a tough affair and somehow Linda and I secured the first set 6:4, then the inevitable backlash 2:6. Throughout we released the macho hits were not the route to success. Step up the gliding Linda with strong wrists seeing us home to victory. 6:4/2:6/6:3.

Again, down to the last match.  Of course, the unexpected twist in the tail or rather Chris Marguerie twisting his knee as he hastily got out of the car.  Well, you think a rheumatologist would know better. In his stead the eager, dog-loving and enthusiast Charles Heaton for his second match of the day bounced forward.  I think Ian Hawkey might have gone home, no doubt he would have found enough gas in the tank for his third exploit of the day.  The reliable Giles Stogdon and competitive Charles, who reached far and wide with his racquet, could not overcome Paul Smith OKA Pablo the Moreton Bandit and the mercurial Bernie Spratt who were in destructive mode.  6:1/1:6/3:6. The M.M.’s editorial hope of claiming “the Dedanists’ ravage Warwickshire” will have to wait another year. 

Result Dedanists’ 2 MMTCC 4.


These two fixtures are a lot of fun so do put them in your diaries for next year!

Ferocia et Fraternitate,

(the MMTCC moto thanks to our Dedanist Mark Savage, Classics Scholar and M.W.)

David Phillips

M.M. Warwickshire weekend

Paul Cattermull 2 MMTCC Sept 22.jpg
Michael L-J and Ian Hawkey v Henry Bryan and Paul Brennan Deds v LTCC Sept 22 2.jpeg

Michael Llewelyn Jones & Ian Hawkey played against Paul Brennan & Henry Bryan

MMTCC group B Sept 22.jpg
Dedans at MMTCC Sept 22.jpg

Dedanists' at MMTCC

Paul Cattermull

Dedanists v Prested - 11th June 2022

The match was won by Prested 3-1.

Clive Turner playing for the Dedanists won his match v Vince Lucey. Unfortunately, Clive and Simon Martin lost 2-0 to Chris Vigrass and Brian Muir, Anton Eisdell lost 2-0 to Patrick Foster and Jonathan Ellis- Miller and Yuri Kugler lost 2-0 to Ian Hawkey and Bruce Hogarth-Jones. Several of the Prested players are also Dedanists so there were some mixed emotions.

The match was played in great spirit and was marked by the Prested pro-Mark Hobbs. Hobbsy was trialling a new Bluetooth microphone announcer for the space behind the glass wall and with eagle eyes whilst marking in the Dedans was able to announce J Ellis-Miller apparition as seeing Top Gun Tom Cruise enter the club. He had the ray bans and the hair and the right stuff attitude.

Kudos too to Yuri for playing almost immediately having got through National Highways worst on the M25.


Dedanists v Oxford – Saturday 9th July 2022


Nick Browne v  Rafa Perera v 6/4 6/5

James Mallinson v George Lythgoe 6/4 6/2

Yuri Kugler & Iain Harvey v JF Bellec & Charlotte Harris 3/6 6/4 4/6

Kugler & iain Harvey v Bruce Morrison & Jonathan Orders 6/3 4/6 4/6

Giles Stogdon & Anton Eisdel  v Ian Barry & Tim Goodacre 0/6 5/6

Giles Stogdon & Sebastian Wood v Jenny Jones & Elli Harris 5/6 2/6


(James Mallinson filled in for Ronald Paterson who had pulled out of Saturday)


Result: Oxford win 4/2


Dedanists v Brigands – Sunday 10th July 2022


Ronald Paterson v James Mallinson 3/8 

Nick Browne & Ronald Paterson v James Mallinson & Paul Kettle 8/5

Nick Browne v Paul Kettle 8/5

Yuri Kugler v Malcolm Thorp 5/8

Giles Stogdon v Paul Heaver 1/8

Anton Eisdell v Jenny Jones 5/8

Yuri Kugler & Giles Stogdon v Paul Heaver & Malcolm Thorp 8/2

Anton Eisdell & Yuri Kugler v Jenny Jones & Malcolm Thorp 3/8 

Anton Eisdell & Giles Stogdon v Jenny Jones & Paul Heaver 8/6


Result: Brigands win 5/4. 

Dedanists & Hyde at The Hyde.jpg

Dedanists' & Hyde at Hyde

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