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The Dedanists & The Society

The Dedanists are a private members’ club of real tennis enthusiasts who seek to share the virtues and pleasures of the game and to raise funds for good causes, especially junior real tennis.  The club is also known as the Dedanists’ Society.  It was founded in 2002/3.  
Its activities are:
(i)    Run real tennis and social events for the entertainment of members (tennis matches, tournaments, dinners…..)
(ii)    Raise funds for good causes, especially junior real tennis.
(iii)    Fund and run the British Real Tennis Academy, the national coaching programme for the best young players in the country, both men and women, in the age range 13 to 25. 
The Society typically raises and spends £20K per year on the Academy.  In the last few years, the Academy has produced: (i) The first British Open singles champion since 1999; (ii) The youngest women’s singles world champion with the lowest ever women’s handicap; (iii) Men’s and women’s US Open singles champions; (iv) The youngest ever British amateur singles champion  ………..

Society Membership

Membership is by invitation only.  The Society currently has some 200 members.  It is funded by member subscriptions and an annual contribution to Academy costs from the T&RA.
Each year, the Society offers membership to a select few enthusiasts who:

•    Enjoy the game and the company of their peers in clubs accross the world.
•    Are of an age and handicap to enrich our match play strength.
•    Will support junior real tennis by donation or active involvement.
•    Could help to run the Society, now or in future.
The Society has a national reach and seeks to maintain a membership that is representative of all clubs in the UK.  It was founded by MCC members who still constitute a substantial proportion of total membership.  For this reason, the Society now seeks to recruit members from all clubs in the UK (and abroad). 

The Foundation
The Dedanists’ Foundation is a separate organisation from the Society but closely related.  It shares many of the same members, the same focus on junior real tennis and, by agreement, the Dedanists’ name.  It was set up in January 2012 as a charity and a company limited by guarantee.  It helps clubs to persuade more young people and schools to play real tennis  -  and provides these clubs with the cash grants and other support that they need.  The Foundation is funded primarily by donations from founder patrons.


The Society and The Foundation
The Society is a private members’ club that directly funds and runs excellent coaching programmes for the select few who comprise the very best young players in the country. The Foundation operates at the grassroots level via the clubs.  It funds clubs to recruit young people of all backgrounds and the ability to try the game for the first time.  Real tennis needs both organisations.  It needs the Foundation to attract new young players into the game.  It needs the Society to generate the champions who will inspire those with higher aspirations and the ability to stay in the game and realise their potential

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The Dedanists’ Society

Committee Members, Officers, Trustees & Other Appointments


· President

Josh Farrall

· Committee Members & Officers

Simon Roundell Hon. Chairman

Carl Snitcher Hon . Secretary

John McVittie Hon. Treasurer

Chris Marguerie Hon. Fixtures Sec from 10 May 2023

Guy Egerton-Smith

Tony Friend

David Phillips

Graham Tomkinson

Paul Weaver

· Trustees

Sir Andrew Hamilton

Sarah McGivern

John Whiting

· Honorary Professional

Nick Wood

· Admin Assistant

Phyllis Slack

Dedanists Ambassadors

The committee has appointed Ambassadors to each tennis club to be the link between the Society and the grass roots membership.


The principal role of the Ambassador is to identify potential new members at clubs where we are in need of new members. There are some clubs where we have many members and others where there are not enough!


At all clubs, the other important role the ambassador fulfils is  to act as the link, being the eyes and ears for the Society, to help match managers at your club raise a team for matches and to promote the organising of fundraising events at the club, for the Dedanists such as fun tennis skills evenings


David Phillips

Designated committee member for Ambassadors


Current Ambassadors are listed below:-

Bristol Clive Archer

Cambridge Christie Marrian

Canford Dr David Dickson


Hardwick Candida Nicholls

Hatfield Stuart Rose

Holyport Yuri Kugler

Hyde James Wilson

Jesmond Fiona Harrison

Leamington James Holden

Manchester Mel Harding

MCC Tony Friend

Moreton David Phillips

MURTC Middlesex Martin Village

Newmarket Jonathan Ellis-Miller

Oratory Pam Tomalin

Oxford Derek Williams

Petworth Robert Muir

Prested Chris Vigrass

Queens Nick Browne

Radley Maggie Henderson-Tew

RTC Hampton Court Julian Sheraton-Davis

Seacourt Paul Weaver

Wellington Charles Oliphant-Callum

Society Rules & Regulations

Downloadable pdf

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