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The British U21/U24’s Open Championships.

Held at MURTC on December 15th – 18th 2022

The Dedanists Society once again supported the T&RA by providing travel expenses and accommodation to those players who lived a long way from the Middlesex court. Players from the Academy Performance Squad dominated the tournament, with Will Flynn winning both the U21 and U24 singles. Will completed his clean sweep by winning the U24 doubles with fellow academy performance squad member, Max Trueman.

Click here for the full report from Middlesex Head Professional Will Burns.

The Academy Logo.png

Academy Performance Squad on 03/01/23 at Seacourt

Coaching Report by Rob Fahey




This day was devoted to doubles concepts and doubles tactics at the request of team leader Mike Henman. The day was a huge success and the candidates all agreed it was a worthwhile day and could become a regular concept.


Due to the nature of the day I have prepared one set of notes for all 5 players as they all covered the same concepts and tactics.


The day was split into ‘the service end’ and ‘the receivers end.


Key points from The Service End

  • · We worked on different types of serve (railroad, bobble and Demi) to gauge what effect that particular serve had on the pressure that needed to be absorbed by the serving team. There is obviously a very strong correlation between the quality of serve and amount of pressure received as the servers. Teams in general did slightly better using the slower serves but the BIG point to come out of the session was that as a group everyone needed to serve a lot better! We avoided looking at the railroad but it will be on everyone’s list for future individual sessions. We did work on bobbles and demis. I showed the group some training exercises to achieve a better outcome and we discussed as a group what the desired outcome was. I hope it was an eye opener for the group on the advances they could make (singles and doubles) just by serving better.

  • · A lot of returns in doubles tend to come with pace. Regardless of what ball you are attempting to play as the server (volley, ball off the back wall etc.) if the return has any quality to it, then a ‘dead ball’ response is a great outcome for the servers. A ‘dead ball’ is any shot that lands back on the floor in front of the receivers. From that position the receivers will either start a floor rally or be forced into taking risks, usually attacking the dedans or galleries. This is a great outcome for the servers especially considering the likely initial attack from the receivers. We focussed on both the dedans defender and the gallery defender executing this dead ball type shot by incorporating the shots into game play.


Key points from The Hazard End (THE)

  • · We discussed at great length the importance of maintaining a ‘rally shape’ from THE. A great tactic/concept in doubles is to keep the ball in the servers forehand corner until such time that the receivers have a high percentage attacking option. The attacking option doesn’t necessarily come in the form of a force but could also include a cut shot, gallery shot, boast etc.. By keeping the ball in the forehand corner the ’grille player’ has a very clear look at balls coming down the wall and the receiver only ever gets square tambour shots to deal with instead of far more difficult main wall tambour angles. Two players should be able to cover their section of the court with relative ease thus putting pressure on the servers to create a winning opportunity. It was noticeable to everyone the change in difficulty level for the receivers when the ball strayed towards the backhand side or worse onto the penthouse. We witnessed some amazing doubles from all five players once they settled into their new pattern and all are to be congratulated on the standard of play.

  • · The returning options were a big focus for the group. In singles there are several options even when returning simply to the forehand corner. Doubles limits some of these options because someone already has the corner covered. The best outcome, when not forcing, was to keep returns shorter and draw the severs forward and hopefully force the player into lifting the ball allowing for a more aggressive response. The drill we did showed many good examples of this happening in actual gameplay.



A thoroughly successful day and I would like to thank the players for their attentiveness and to congratulate them on the level of play we saw. Please keep up the hard work


Rob Fahey

.....Academy Performance Squad
at Seacourt with Rob Fahey


On Tuesday, the 3rd of January, Rob Fahey came to Seacourt for the day to coach the Academy Performance squad. The 5 members of our squad are currently the five best Real Tennis juniors in the world under 20 years old!

The squad includes three players from Seacourt, Will Flynn, Max Trueman, and James Medlow plus Bertie Vallat from Queens and Henry Henman from Radley. Rob focused the day on doubles coaching and doubles match play. On the same day, professional sports physiotherapist Stefan Antanasov came down from London and took each of the players into our gym for a one-hour gym coaching session.

IMG_0091 (2).jpg

The Academy Performance Squad:-
Will, James, with Rob Fahey,, Stefan Antanasov, Bertie, Henry & Max.



Showing off their new warm up tops, with their names on their backs

On court coaching with Rob Fahey

Academy Cadet Squad Coaching Session

The Academy Logo.png

With Rob Fahey at The Oratory
26th October 2022


Left to Right: Caspian, Max, Rob & Laszlo

On Wednesday the 26th of October, the British Real Tennis Academy Cadet Squad, had an all-day coaching session with Rob Fahey at The Oratory. This event was funded by The Dedanists' Society.
Rob has a great reputation for being able to connect with these youngest of players and is helping to start them off on the right path. Our Cadet Squad comprises of the UK's four best players aged 13 years old or younger. We see this group as the next generation of junior stars.


Listening to every word!

Outstanding performance by Max Warner in the US Junior Championships

Over the weekend of October 7th-9th October, 11-year-old Max Warner, a member of the British Academy Cadet Squad has taken the US Junior Championships by storm.

Fresh from winning the British U14 singles title at Queens in late August, Max travelled to Tuxedo Park NY and won both the U15 and U17 US singles titles! An outstanding performance and the best result for someone so young at the US Junior Championships since Camden Riviere first appeared on the scene.

PHOTO-2022-10-12-09-55-11 (1).jpg

(Above): Max enjoying the view and his outstanding victories at Tuxedo Park, N.Y. 
At just 11 years old Max won both the U15 & U17 US Junior Championships...
Congratulations Max!

The Academy Logo.png

The long-term success of the British Academy

It’s always nice to be able to pat ourselves on the back. Max’s achievement in Tuxedo is yet further evidence that the work we are doing with our juniors, and have been doing for many years, is paying big dividends. UK juniors now dominate the Junior Real Tennis world with 16 of the top 18 U19 players in the world,  including the top 4!

Let’s keep up the good work!

British Junior Academy v MCC

Lords Sunday 2nd October 2022

An Academy representative team, consisting largely of members of our Cadet Squad played against a team of MCC members.
The match consisted of 5 singles matches played off handicap. The inclusion of the entire Cadet Squad (aged between 11 - 13) forms part of our plan to give them match experience against adults on an away court. It is also another opportunity to feel that they are part of a team.

The result, a 4-1 win for MCC does not tell the whole story with 4 out 5 of the matches being decided in close third sets.

MCC v Accademy Oct 22.jpg
Chris Bray with Cadet Academy members, Max & Caspian

Success For Our Academy Players!

The Academy Logo.png

The British U15 & U19 Doubles Tournament

24th - 25th October 2022
Holyport Real Tennis Club

U15 & U19 doubles 2022.jpg
Under 19 finalists, all Academy Performance Squad members! Left to Right: Bertie Vallat, Henry Henman, James Medlow & Max Trueman

Under 19's
The four finalists in this year's Under 19 Doubles were all members of the Academy's Performance Squad. All of the boys are now well under 20 handicap and are currently ranked as the top four players Under 19 in the World.
In a thrilling final with many, many great rests, the winners were Max Trueman/James Medlow (both from Seacourt) who defeated Bertie Vallat (Queen's)/Henry Henman (Radley) 6/5 6/2.

Under 15's
In the Under 15 event three out of four of the finalists are currently members of the Academy Cadet Squad. The four boys who qualified through to the final were Academy players -  Laszlo Garson (Oxford), Algie Nottingham (Wellington), Max Warner (Queen's) and Francesco Saviotti (Queen's).
A very close final ended with Laszlo/Algie defeating Max/Francesco 6/3 6/5 to retain the title that they won in 2021.

A great day for the boys and a great day for the Academy!

British Under 19 Doubles Champions - James Medlow & Max Trueman
image0 (16).jpeg
left to Right: Laszlo, Max, Algie & Francesco

The World Junior Real Tennis Championships
Sponsored by The Dedanists' Society

World 1.jpg


Receiving his trophy and tournament racquet from Paul Weaver, tournament organiser and Dedanist 

The bi-annual running of The World Junior Real Tennis Championships took place at Seacourt over 3 days on the 22nd - 24th August.
Once again The Dedanists' Society was proud to be the main sponsor of this prestigious event. 
The top 16 juniors in the world (U19) played in the tournament which included two players from Hobart, Tasmania.
The tennis was exceptional from day one and just got better and better. The standard of play in the first semi-final between Max Trueman (Seacourt) and Ollie Pridmore (Hobart) was really quite extraordinary. The final was once again excellent tennis as you would expect from players 13/15 handicap, with Max Trueman taking the title after coming back from 5-1 down in the second set against Bertie Vallat (Queen's). Both finalists are members of The Academy High-Performance group.
Photos and full results are below:- 

World 5.jpg

Bertie Vallat (finalist) with Max Trueman (Champion)

World 4.jpg

Josh Farrall, Max Trueman & Paul Weaver


Some of the top 16 Junior Real Tennis players in the World!

Please click on the pdf button to see the full results from The World Junior Real Tennis Championships 2022


New FIXTURE LIST...2022/2023
Go to the Fixtures & Match Reports tab

Draw for the World Junior Real Tennis Championships
Sponsored by The Dedanists Society

The draw has been made for the World Junior Championships which take place at Seacourt on the 22nd – 24th of August. The draw was made live on the internet and is available to view at:-


Paul Weaver -

The Dedanists Pro-Am

July 2022

We held the 16th annual Dedanists Handicap Doubles Pro-Am on 7th July 2022 at Queen’s. It was a great success and raised funds to be shared by the Dedanists’ Society and the Dedanists’ Foundation. The Society runs the British Real Tennis Academy for the best young players in the country. The Foundation funds clubs to recruit new young players and schools into the game

Sixteen amateur players, mainly Dedanists, paid £490 each to play and donate. With handicaps ranging from 24 to 60, they were representative of the amateur game as a whole. They each played three round-robin matches against amateurs of similar handicap for a place in the semi-finals - and played with four or more different professionals in the process.

We are especially grateful to the pros for playing in this tournament. Their very presence persuades amateurs to enter and donate. They moderate their play to bring out the best in amateur partners and opponents. They entertain us with the quality of their play and banter. They encourage us with gems of good advice.

The players were as follow:

Professionals                                                            Amateurs                                                     

Bray, Chris                                              Licudi, Stewart            McVittie, John

Fahey, Claire                                           McMurrugh, Mark     Saunders, John

Fahey, Rob                                              Moore, Richard          Mills, David

Jones, Dan                                               Bebb, Jamie                Readman, Luke

Mackenzie, Neil                                      Lowenthal, Andrew   Egerton-Smith, Guy

Smith, Josh                                              Moore, Francis           Cripps, Simon

Williams, Lewis                                       Paterson, Ronald       Leeper, James

Wood, Nick                                              Wilks, Willie                Stogdon, Giles


Howard Angus & Ged Parsons

Stewart Licudi, Ronald Paterson, Johnny Saunders and Giles Stogdon won through to the semi-finals. Howard Angus reported that the standard of tennis in this year’s tournament was higher than ever before. Stewart Licudi beat Giles Stogdon in the final. David Mills awarded the trophy and prizes with his own blend of sharp wit and racy humour.

Thank you to Josh, Carl and David for organising such a splendid day.

Pro Am 8.jpg

The 16th annual Dedanists Handicap Doubles Pro-Am was a great success this year.

Pro Am 4.jpg
Pro Am 5.jpg
Pro Am 2.jpg
Pro Am 6.jpg
Pro Am 9.jpg
Pro Am 3.jpg

British Junior Academy Players Triumph in the National League

James Medlow & Max Trueman became the youngest ever team to win a National League Division when they defeated the Queen's Club in the final of National League 5.
The boys, both of whom are just 17, are members of the Dedanists Society Development Squad.

They have had an incredible season with neither losing a singles match in the entire season, home or away! As a result, James Medlow received a new racket as the prize for being the League 5 most valuable player and Max Trueman was runner-up. They are not however resting on their laurels and have a joint coaching session arranged and funded by the Society at the Oratory with Rob Fahey on the 21st of May.

Results from the Final played at Seacourt on Wednesday 18th May.

James Medlow bt Charlie Defries 5/6 6/5 6/3

Max Trueman bt Freddie Dixon 6/3 5/6 6/2


L to R: James Medlow, Max Trueman & Sam Candy (FLM)


L to R: Max, James, Charlie Defries & Freddie Dixon


World Junior Championships 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Dedanists Society will be sponsoring the bi-annual World Junior Real Tennis Championships being held this year in the UK at Seacourt Tennis Club on Hayling Island.

The event will take place on August 22nd-24th 2022. The top 16 juniors (U19) in the world have been invited to take part in this prestigious event. They will play for the title of World Junior Champion. Juniors from as far away as Tasmania will be taking part in this truly international event. The top 2 seeds Max Trueman and James Medlow are both currently members of our own Academy Senior Squad and have benefitted enormously from the coaching and support we have given them.

There will be an event dinner held at the Seacourt club on Monday 22nd August (more details to follow). Obviously, this would be a great opportunity for Society members to come and watch junior real tennis being played at the highest level. The tournament organiser is Paul Weaver.

If you have any queries or require further information please email Paul at

World Poster 2022 FINAL.jpg

Great Run for Academy player in the Seacourt Silver Racquet tournament 


Academy senior squad player, 17 year old Max Trueman (16 h/c) had a great tournament down at Seacourt on February 3rd-6th. To qualify to get into the main drawer Max defeated Nick Harris (23 h/c) 6/0 6/1 and fellow Academy player James Medlow (18 h/c) 6/4 6/4. 

Having qualified for the main drawer Max now had to play off 7 h/c under the tournament rules. His first challenge was against World No.6, Nick Howell (+2 h/c). Max won this match 6/2 6/4 despite only receiving owe15 – receive 15 handicap! 

His quarter-final match was against former Seacourt professional Adam Player (9 h/c). Despite having to give Adam a very small handicap he still managed to win 6/4 6/3. 

He had now reached the semi-final of this prestigious event without dropping a set. He played Petworth professional Louis Gordon (5 h/c) and despite playing at his very best finally lost 6/1 0/6 5/6 in a thrilling match. 

It was great to see this young Academy player going head to head with some of game’s top professional players, and they are certainly now very aware of this rising star.

max & adz.jpg

Max & Adam Player

max & louis.jpg

Louis Gordon & Max

max and nick.jpg
max & james.jpg

Max &James Medlow

Max & Nick Howell

British U21/24 Singles Championships

Played at MURTC 17th/19th December

Clean sweep for William Flynn!

At just 19 years of age, Academy squad member, William Flynn won all three events at last weekend’s U21/U24 Championships. It was a great tournament for other Academy squad members too with Max Trueman, Ben Yorston, and Ollie Taylor all reaching finals.



U21 Final

W Flynn v M Trueman

6/5 6/3

U24 Final

W Flynn v B Yorston

6/1 6/4

U 24 Doubles

W Flynn & M Trueman v R Giddins & O Taylor

6/2 6/5

U24 Doubles champions, Max & Will
U21 Champion, Will
U24 Champion, Will

Benedict, Max & Will in action!

More good news!
Academy Development Squad member, Florent Brethon, was playing in the Raquette d ’Argent de France (for those with handicaps in the range of 20-30), played today in Bordeaux. Having won the Raquette Bronze (H30-40) last year, being his first tournament, Florent did fantastically well to win the Raquette d ‘Argent on 28 November 2021, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2. Huge congratulations to him on his win and continuing progress in the game.


Toutes nos felicitations Florent!

British Junior Academy in full swing!
Click the 'British Academy' tab for all the details and see which junior players are currently in the squads 

Fixtures 2021/2022

So far this 2021/2022 season we have played 10 matches through to the end of 2021. We have lost more matches than we have won! Probably nothing new on that front but please see the Match Reports on the website, which confirm the results but record that every match has been a great success and that the Dedanist £20 per player match donation is making a very good contribution towards Junior Tennis. The Peripatetic Club Tournee & the Trois Tripots Tournament were both cancelled unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic. Looking ahead to the 2022 fixtures we have made a joint decision to cancel the Paris weekend (late January) again pandemic related. It is always a shame to cancel tournaments/matches but everyone will understand the need to be cautious in these uncertain times.


We have 3 new Match Managers in Robert Muir for the Petworth match in February, Liz Fisher for  Radley Club (members) & Paul Weaver for Radley Cub (pupils)  Thank you to Robert, Liz & Paul. You will note that we have included a revived match against Canford School on Sunday 22nd May 2021. We have moved the Hyde match (with their agreement to Saturday 21st May 2022 thereby a weekend of tennis with Hyde on the Saturday & Canford School on the Sunday. David Phillips has agreed to be one of 2 Match Managers for the weekend so we are now looking for an existing member to come forward to share the weekend role. Please email David if you are available to assist. We have one further match to revive and that is against Bristol which hopefully, in the not too distant future, can be added to our Fixtures list. 


Can I remind everyone to contact the appropriate Match Manager if they wish to play in any of the upcoming remaining 2022 Fixtures - see the Fixtures 2021/2022 & Match Managers Contact Details on the website (under Fixtures & Match Reports). 


One final point on the Match Manager’s role within the Society - we continue to seek members who would be prepared to take on the role as an MM. I have raised this in a recent email to all members so apologies for mentioning it again.


Guy Egerton-Smith

The Dedanists’ Society Fixtures Secretary


Please click on the pdf button to view the Fixtures for 2021 & 2022

Match Managers

Please click on the pdf button to view all Match Managers contact details for 2021 & 2022 fixtures 

To play in a match please contact the relevant match manager.

The Dedanists' Society are pleased to support the Iip and RCC

IIP logo.jpg

Investing in Professionals


Real Champions Club

Congratulations Lea!


The Dedanist Society is delighted to congratulate Lea Van Der Zwalmen on being awarded Distinction in her Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Leuven, Belgium’s largest university.


Lea continues to be part of the Real Tennis National Academy run by The Dedanist Society which she has been in since 2018/19 as well as being the Ladies Real Tennis world number two since June 2018.

She is also the Ladies Rackets World Champion and her ambition is to be the first ever person to be the singles World Champion in both Rackets and Real Tennis in the same season.


Lea is currently working in France, near the new court in Bordeaux, and we all hope it will not be long before competitive Tennis and Rackets resume and Lea can seek to fulfil her ambition.


New Washington Tennis Court

Our friends in Washington DC are well advanced with their plans for a new court at the Westwood Country Club a few miles from the current Prince's Court where the lease expires shortly. 


This is an exciting new initiative which we are delighted to encourage  but there is still a shortfall in the necessary funding . They would welcome any contributions, so have a look at the details by clicking the link to the T&RA website below which also has all the information about how to donate.  


We know that all contributions, however small, would be gratefully received. 


/ and

The Dedanists Society invests in the UK's top juniors

Rob Fahey travelled down to Seacourt to give intensive Academy coaching to 3 of the countries brightest prospects. Will Flynn, Max Trueman & James Medlow are all currently ranked in the top 4 under 18’s in the world. The 3 juniors who all play at Seacourt still have lots to learn as they spent a total of 4 hours on court with the World Champion 2 days in a row.

The programme is structured such that, once a month, on consecutive days, the players receive 8 hours of intense on-court coaching from Rob.  Andrew Lyons is there throughout as part of the coaching team, helping on the day and implementing the coaching during the rest of the month when Rob is away.

These one on one sessions with talented junior players were sponsored by the Society and will stand them in good stead as they head off to the Junior World Championships in Tuxedo this July.

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