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Please see below the Society’s policy on data protection and privacy. 


Policy on Data Protection & Privacy

The Dedanists’ Society

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the Society is required to obtain consent from those people on whom it holds personal data and to inform them of their individual rights under GDPR.  The Society holds data on two sets of people, on its Members and on all those involved in the British Real Tennis Academy training programmes that it runs. 
The Society currently holds personal data on its Members most of which was supplied to the Society by the Member on joining the Society. Information on the handicaps of Members is sourced from the RTO system owned by the Tennis & Rackets Association. 
In order to operate the Society, we need to be able to communicate with our Members. The Society will still be able to communicate with them without their consent if it is required to carry out the business of the Society (such as notification of the AGM). Otherwise the Society will not be able to communicate with Members using the data it holds unless we are given consent. 
The Society, as part of its compliance with the requirements of GDPR, is in the process of asking that its Members consent to their data being held in accordance with this Policy. We have carried out a detailed “data audit” of all data held, why and where it is held, who can access it, the security details in place and how long it is held. This is available to Members on request. The following summarises this information.  
The following personal information is held electronically by the Society on its Members:  


1. Membership Database: 

     • Title/Gender 

     • Last and First Names 

     • RTO Handicaps (singles and doubles) 

     • Real Tennis Clubs belonged to 

     • Email Address 

     • Mobile, Home and Office Telephone Numbers 

     • Home Address and Postcode 

     • Age

 2. Subscription and Related Information 

     • Record of the payment of subscriptions and the source of those payments (GoCardless, standing orders or by other means).                    GoCardless is the online direct debit system used by the Society. 

     • A record of payments by GoCardless for social events. 

     • GoCardless supplies the Society with the name of the bank where the direct debit is registered but not the account details. We do          not hold this information electronically.  



The Society uses Members’ personal details solely for communication from the Society to Members for the following purposes: 
     • To invite Members to play in Tennis matches, pro-am events, competitions and similar on-court activities. 

     • To acquaint Members with information on its activities in relation to its Academies and support of the game of Tennis. 

     • To invite Members to attend social and fund raising events.

     • To inform Members of General Meetings. 

     • To send out AGM papers, newsletters and similar items. 

     • For any other legitimate use of personal data of Members for furthering the game of Tennis and other Society activities. 
From time to time the Society will publish on its website ( reports of Matches played accompanied by photographs of Members playing tennis, enjoying hospitality or participating in presentations. 


The Society holds personal data on all those involved in the British Real Tennis Academy.  These people fall primarily into these categories: 

     • Players selected for the Academy (past, present and future potential) and candidates for selection.  

     • Parents of those players and candidates who are under 18 years of age. 

     • School teachers of players and candidates. 

     • Club chairmen and professionals of players and candidates. 

     • Academy coaches including coaches for real tennis, physical training and sports psychology. 

See ‘Data Audit’ for more detail on the data held by the Society on these people. 


Data Source & Collection 

Much of the personal data (such as contact details, playing record and club membership) is sourced from RTO.  Other information is acquired via direct request to the person involved. 

The data used for identifying Academy candidates and selecting players is sourced from RTO, school teachers, club professionals and chairmen. 

  • The contact details of the parents of players who are under 18 years of age (we contact the parent, not the player) is sourced from club professionals and school teachers. 

  • The data used for the coaching and development plans of players is sourced directly from coaches and the players themselves. 

  • The data used for paying grants to players and for paying fees to coaches are sourced directly from players (or the parents of players who are under 18 years of age) and from coaches. 


Data Use 

The Society uses this data to run the Academy, namely to: 

   • Identify candidates and select players for the Academy. 

   • Organise coaching days with players, coaches and clubs (for the use of courts and gyms). 

   • Create coaching and development plans for the players and involve the relevant coaches. 

   • Pay grants to players and fees to coaches and clubs. 


Players Who Are Under 18 Years of Age 

Personal data is collected and used with parental consent.  Outside of the actual face-to face coaching days, all communication with players under the age of 18 is via the parents.  Special coaching, such as sports psychology, requires written parental consent. 


The Society will provide you with a copy of its Data Protection & Privacy Policy on request. The Policy is available on the Society’s website (
You also have the right on request to: 
   • Be removed immediately from the all the databases held by the Society

​   • Be provided with a copy of the information we hold on you, by email request to the Club Secretary ( We will             provide this within 30 days of your request.

   • Have your history with the Society deleted, other than your first and last names, prime club, reason for leaving and email address. 

   • Have the Society amend details of any information we hold that is not correct. 

We will record when Members have given their consent for the Society to store their personal information and to be contacted by the Society, together with the date that consent was received. 

We will never share personal data with anyone without permission. The Society updates and safely stores your contact details and only uses those details fairly and for matters relating to the Society.  
The contact details of Members are available to the Committee of the Society and to Ambassadors who represent the Society at their clubs. Match Managers are provided with limited contact details (usually email address, mobile telephone number and handicap) so that they can invite Members to play in the Society's matches.
This Policy is a “living document” and will be amended and updated from time to time. 

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